Czech PM asks president not to award psychiatrist accused of sexual harassment

Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš has sent a letter to President Miloš Zeman asking him not to give Jan Cimický, one of the country’s leading psychiatrists, a high state distinction. The letter, sent on Wednesday, was written in reaction to fresh allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault made by several women against Mr Cimický. The allegations are currently being investigated by the police, who have asked all victims to come forward.

In the letter, Prime Minister Babiš states that the number of sexual harassment claims made against Jan Cimický is growing. Mr Babiš goes on to say that, while he honours the presumption of innocence and cannot assess the veracity of the statements, he believes it would be fitting not to award the psychiatrist.

Despite the police investigation, the Czech president informed the media via his press office on Tuesday that he has not changed his mind in regards to his intentions to award Jan Cimický with a state distinction, a type of award typically handed out during the country’s celebrations of Czechoslovak Independence on October 28. The Office of the President has not yet publicly reacted to the letter.

The list of alleged victims of Jan Cimický’s behaviour include actress and singer  Jana Fabiánová, who claims that the psychiatrist had assaulted her, and Czech Television presenter Martina Hynková Vrbová who says that Mr Cimický had kissed her and touched her breasts in his office without her permission.