Czech PM addresses nation live on television

Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala gave a speech on Wednesday evening, broadcast live on Czech television and radio, regarding the current political and economic situation in the country. He spoke mainly about energy security, rising inflation, and Russia’s war on Ukraine and attempts to undermine democracy in the wider Western world.

Mr. Fiala stated that the Czech Republic must deal quickly with the problem of its energy dependence on Russia, and that within five years, the government wants to achieve energy sovereignty and be in control of its own electricity generation. He also said the government must support the construction of emission-free energy sources and promised to support investment in energy innovation and savings. However, he warned that during the transition period, Czechia will continue to face high prices and uncertainty in supplies.

The Czech PM mentioned the measures taken by the government earlier that day to help households and businesses cope with the rising cost of energy, which included setting aside CZK 66 billion to help with the upcoming heating season, abolishing the renewables fee, and providing CZK 10 billion to central heating plants.

Author: Anna Fodor