Czech officials denounce North Korean nuclear test

Photo: CTK

Czech officials have joined international condemnation of North Korea’s biggest nuclear test to date, calling on the country to cease escalating tensions in the region and start observing its international commitments.

This Aug. 29,  2017 photo by the North Korean government shows what was said to be the test launch of a Hwasong-12 intermediate range missile in Pyongyang,  North Korea,  photo: CTK
The explosion of what North Korea said was an advanced hydrogen bomb came just days after it fired a missile over Japan, severely escalating tension in the region and beyond.

Reacting to the news on commercial TV Prima, Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka said the latest escalation of tension in the region was extremely grave and the crisis could only be diffused by intensive negotiations involving the countries with a crucial influence in the region, particularly China without whose support the Communist regime in North Korea could never have survived for so long,

“I think a diplomatic solution to this crisis is still possible, but it would require a big effort and full commitment from all the players who have any influence on the regime in North Korea. Such negotiations would inevitably have to include China and Russia.”

Bohuslav Sobotka,  photo: CTK
The Czech Foreign Ministry also issued a statement condemning the nuclear missile tests.

"These tests clearly constitute a violation of North Korea's commitments arising from the relevant U.N. resolutions, violating the stability of the Korean Peninsula, threatening international peace and security and leading to further worsening of the living standards of North Korean citizens," the Foreign Ministry said.

"The Czech Republic calls on North Korea to stop these destabilizing activities and to start observing its international commitments without delay," it added.

Czech Defense Minister Martin Stropnický, from the ANO party, said the situation was complicated by North Korea’s total unpredictability. When you are dealing with a loose canon it requires the utmost skill to keep the situation under control, you have to monitor developments carefully so as to be ready to react in time, but not to jump the gun under provocation, Stropnický said.

People watch a broadcast of the test-fire of an inter-continental ballistic rocket Hwasong-12,  August 30,  2017,  Pyongyang,  North Korea,  photo: CTK
Strong words of condemnation also came from the country’s opposition politicians. Petr Fiala, leader of the centre-right Civic Democrats said it was becoming obvious that a series of UN resolutions would not resolve this crisis. The situation calls for resolute action, the international community cannot allow such a regime to have a nuclear arsenal at its disposal, Fiala said.

TOP 09 deputy chair Marek Ženíšek, said China and Russia both had their share of responsibility for the present crisis since without their support the North Korean regime could not exist.