Czech MPs resume debate on legalising same-sex marriage, after two-year break

The lower house of Parliament this week resumed debate on legalising same-sex marriages after a two-year break. In the past 15 years, MPs have now thrice debated an equal marriage bill, the last time in March 2019, but never put it to a vote.

The Czech Republic was the first post-communist country in the EU to adopt a registered partnership law, back in 2006. Most parties in parliament have not adopted an official position on same-sex marriages.

An amendment to the Civil Code to legalise it was supported by 46 MPs from six parliamentary clubs (namely those of ANO, the Social Democrats, Pirates, Communists, TOP 09 and STAN).

A proposal by the opposition Christian Democrats on the protection of “traditional marriage” between heterosexual couples was signed by 37 deputies from that party itself and the same six parliamentary clubs.

Author: Brian Kenety