Czech Mint printing Florence Nightingale coins as “thank you” gift for people on the frontlines of coronavirus crisis

Photo: Czech Mint

“An exceptional gift for exceptional people” –that is how Czech Mint describes a new issue of coins which are to serve as a thank-you gift to those who fought on the front lines or simply pitched in to help in the battle against coronavirus. The issue, a joint project of Czech Mint and the Czech Red Cross, gives people the chance to express their gratitude and highlight stories of personal courage in the face of the pandemic.

Photo: Czech Mint

Florence Nightingale,  photo: Henry Hering,  Wikimedia Commons,  CC0
“Did someone save your life? Nurse you through your illness or make thousands of face-masks for people in your neighborhood? Give them a gift that will be a lasting memory of the coronavirus rescue effort and how much their help means to you.”

That is how Czech Mint unveiled its special issue of Florence Nightingale “coins of gratitude” to the public this week. “The coronavirus pandemic sparked a wave of solidarity with thousands of people –be they professionals or volunteers – selflessly helping others in whatever way was needed: nursing, delivering food, making facemasks or simply singing under the window of an old-age home to cheer up the elderly quarantined inside for months. The pandemic has created many heroes among us and they deserve our thanks,” Marek Jukl, President of the Czech Red Cross said at a joint press briefing of the two organizations in Prague.

The collection of gold silver and brass coins is minted with the face of Florence Nightingale on the one side of the coin, and the words “Thank You” in several world languages on the other. The mint is also offering to print a personalized message for someone. The price of the coins has been set at 199, 1,690 and 8,990 crowns respectively.

Photo: ČTK / AP Photo / Victoria Jones
Czech Mint has also urged the public to send in stories of courage and nominate people who deserve to get recognition saying it will organize a gala event at which 130 selected laureates will be awarded gold, silver and brass coins as an expression of gratitude.

The coins should be available in mid-June and the proceeds of the special issue will go towards improving conditions in old age homes. For more information go to or