Czech MEP Miloslav Ransdorf will not face criminal charges for allegedly denying the Holocaust

Police will not launch criminal proceedings against a Czech member of the European Parliament accused by a former Czech human rights commissioner with the crime of denying the Holocaust. Petr Uhl filed a criminal complaint against the Communist MEP Miloslav Ransdorf in May for saying that a site in central Bohemia where some 1200 Romany people were interned during the Second World War was not a "concentration camp". Experts have reportedly sided with Mr Ransdorf's assertion that the site at Lety u Pisku was technically an internment camp. Over 240 Romany children and 85 adults died from disease or abuse in the Czech-run facility. At least one thousand more later were killed in Auschwitz and other death camps.

A commercial pig farm was built on the Lety site in the 1970s. This April, the European Parliament passed a resolution demanding the Czech Republic remove the farm and replace it with a fitting memorial to the Romany Holocaust. In debate that followed, MEP Ransdorf said that as a historian, he knew many "lies" had been spread about Lety, which he said was not home to a "concentration camp" in the common understanding of the term.

Author: Brian Kenety