Czech Hyundai car plant expects drop in 2018 output

Photo: Marián Birošík, Public Domain

The Czech auto sector, both cars and components, is booming. But the boom is not shared equally between the country’s biggest producers. While the biggest manufacturer, Škoda Auto, is hard pressed to keep up with demand, Hyundai saw production drop slightly last year and the trend is set to continue in 2018.

Photo: Marián Birošík,  Public Domain
Last year the Hyundai plant in the far east of the Czech Republic produced 357,000 cars. That figure was 1,700 fewer than produced in the previous year and a deeper cut in output than predicted under the company’s own yearly forecast.

This year a further cut in production is seen. Total production for 2018 is expected to be 330,000 vehicles, a drop of 7,000 on this year. So far the former and future falls in production have not made themselves felt in the total number of the workforce which still stands at 3,300.

The most popular model coming off the production lines last year was the Tucson, which alone accounted for two-thirds of all the cars produced. The Hyundai i30 made up almost 23 percent of production. The ix20, i30, and second generation of the i30N, are also produced at the plant.

Most of the Czech made Hyundai cars are exported with deliveries to 66 countries. Germany is the biggest single market with around 45,000 cars destined for the country last year. Deliveries to the Czech Republic ran to around 15,700 car, or around 4.4 percent of total production.

One of the main reasons for the reduced production expectations this year is falling demand in one of Europe’s other main car markets, Britain, as well as a less marked fall off in some sales on the continent. The Czech producer says the expected drop is across the board and similar lower sales figures and diminished demand are expected by other producers.