Czech Greens celebrate an election first

Martin Bursik, photo: CTK

As pre-election polls predicted, the Czech Green Party looks to have safely crossed the five percent barrier and made it into parliament for the first time since its establishment in 1990. Preliminary results show that the Greens could very well be key to establishing a coalition government. At Green Party headquarters on Saturday afternoon, Green Party leader, Martin Bursik, gave some reactions to his party's preliminary showing.

Martin Bursik,  photo: CTK
"Frankly I'm very happy about this. The most important thing is that it seems that the Czech Green Party is going to get into parliament. We appreciate the support very much. I want to thank all of our voters—women and men—because the votes that they have given to us were votes that were given to a non-parliamentary party, and this decision is really a bit harder than to give a voice to a party which is already in parliament, so we really appreciate it. It's going to be the first time since the five percent threshold—the psychological barrier that was set in our legislation. Then, if everything goes well we are going to be the first Green Party in former Central and Eastern Europe, and we are prepared to assist our partners in other Central and East European Green parties. This is my Mom, she's an English teacher...

RP: How pleased are you for your son's success today?

Mrs. Bursikova: "I don't know anything about the results, only what was on the news at about two o'clock in the afternoon. Is there any more news?"

Martin Bursik,  photo: CTK
Martin Bursik: "Oh it's about seven percent, Mom. Everything seems as though we are going to get into parliament."

RP: Was your son stressed out in these past few days?

Mrs. Bursikova: "Well, everything is so hectic and excited. He's quiet—he seems to be the only one in the family who is simply relaxed."

Martin Bursik: "I met my Mom at mid-day today, because I haven't seen her for several days, being at the peak of a campaign, and I said 'Mom, I'm not nervous at all,' and she didn't believe me." [Laughs]