Czech-Greek family divided over who to support in Euro 2004 semi-final

Greek football fans, photo: CTK

The Greek restaurant Olympos is like a Mediterranean island in the old Prague district of Zizkov. On the eve of the Euro 2004 semi-final between the Czech Republic and Greece, I spoke to one of the restaurant's owners, Eleni Nedelku, a Czech woman who has been married to a Greek man for many years. I asked Mrs Nedelku who she and her family would be supporting during the big game.

Greek football fans, photo: CTK
''It is very hard to say because I spent most of my life in Greece and I feel with the Greeks a lot. But I am Czech so I don't really know.''

Are you planning to have any events in your restaurant on the day of the match?

''People are coming to watch the football, so we are having a big screen and I think we are going to be really busy. I think I will be with the winners.''

Are you not afraid about the state of your restaurant after the match?

''No, not at all. Because the people coming here, they know us, they know the restaurant and it is going to be friendly atmosphere. I don't think there will be any problems with them.''

When did you come to the Czech Republic, to Prague?

''We came in 1997 with our two children and we've decided to stay.''

How do you feel about the Greeks and Czechs living together?

''They can live together, of course, but there are a lot of differences between them because the Greek people like music and they go dancing every week, they go out. Even if they are dancing and drinking they don't get drunk so much and they enjoy the people around and speaking and it is different. The music is different and everybody likes to go out with friends. The Czechs, they go out, for example here in the restaurant you can see four or five people or couples but at the weekends the Greeks are more with the groups - bigger groups. They go and enjoy and eat a lot, till night and dance. It is different.''

Are your children going to watch the football match as well?

''I think so. Both of them are boys, they are in Greece now but I am sure they are going to watch it somewhere there. Yes.''