Czech gov’t suspends plan to use Stutox II rat poison in agricultural fields

The Czech government has temporarily suspended plans to give farmers blanket permission to use a certain type of rat poison in fields, orchards, meadows and vineyards. The cabinet is set to debate the proposed use of the Stutox II poison on Monday.

The Environment Ministry said Stutox II presents a serious threat to birds and other animals, including household pets, and that its use violates the law on landscape protection.

Its use was given the green light by the Central Institute for Supervision and Testing in Agriculture. The institute, which is under the auspices of the Agriculture Ministry, has confirmed that the poison had never been used on Czech territory.

Czech farmers had sought permission to use the poison mainly to combat a widespread infestation of voles, which have decimated grain and rapeseed crops and are threatening corn, beet, sunflower production.

Author: Brian Kenety