Czech government respects Georgia’s territorial integrity

The Czech Republic will seek a united EU stand on maintaining Georgia’s territorial integrity and assisting its recovery following its conflict with Russia. Speaking after an extraordinary Czech government session devoted to the crisis in the Caucuses, Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg said the Czech government would strive for the EU to unify around a clear plan for the recontruction of the whole territory of Georgia and make a strong statement with regard to its territorial integrity.

The situation in the Caucuses has been further complicated by Moscow’s recognition of the two breakaway Georgian provinces - South Ossetia and Abkhazia - on Tuesday in a move that drew sharp criticism from Western Europe, the United States and NATO.

The Czech Foreign Ministry has likewise condemned the move, saying that it fully respects Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity – which includes the two breakaway provinces. The Czech government recently earmarked 150 million crowns to help restore Georgia’s damaged infrastructure and Prague has expressed an interest in hosting an international donors conference which would raise more money for the war-torn country.