Czech foreign minister to meet with Clinton

The Czech news agency, ČTK, has reported that the Czech Foreign Minister Jan Kohout will meet for talks with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Monday. Mr Kohout will be in New York ahead of the 64th session of the General Assembly of the United Nations. It is not known what topics will be on the agenda in the meeting with Mrs Clinton but there is speculation they could include possible Czech cooperation on US missile defence. On Friday, Mrs Clinton said that the Czech Republic and Poland were key candidates for the placement of new mobile anti-rocket missiles planned by the US - a system which will replace a proposed radar base in the Czech Republic and rocket installation in Poland. The earlier missile defence plans were scrapped by the US this week.

In related news, the Czech delegation travelling to the US for the UN Generally Assembly session leaves on Sunday, headed by Czech President Václav Klaus.

Author: Jan Velinger