Czech film nominated for Oscar

Following a prolific year for Czech filmmaking, the results are in. On Tuesday afternoon, the nominations for both the Cesky Lev, or Czech Lion, film awards and for the American Academy Awards, the Oscars, were announced. It was good news for the Czechs on the international front, as the nominations for the "Best Foreign Language Film" Oscar for the year 2000 include the Czech film, "Musime Si Pomahat". Pavla Navratilova brings this report.

Czech films have enjoyed worldwide acclaim in the past, and the nomination for "Musime Si Pomahat", or in English "Divided We Fall", follows in the footsteps of "Kolya" which won the Oscar for "Best Foreign Language Film" in 1996. Divided We Fall and five other films from around the world have been nominated for the award, and the Czech film industry has been placed in the international spotlight once again.

I spoke to the editor in chief of the Czech film magazine Premiere, Tomas Baldinsky, and asked what chance this film has of winning the award:

Author: Pavla Navrátilová
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