Czech designers team up to create DesignSupermarket ahead of Christmas


The streets of Prague are currently packed with people going about their Christmas shopping. Many head for the nearest shopping mall, but those who want something special – a designer article – need no longer run from one boutique to another in search of just the right present. Young Czech designers who don’t have an outlet for their products have joined forces to open up a temporary arts and crafts “supermarket” in the centre of Prague. Earlier today I met up with Jan Plecháč, one of the organizers of the event, to find out what had led him and his friends to establish this unique supermarket:

“We wanted to make a base for young designers and I think this is a very good way of showing the latest designs on offer. So the first reason was to make a wider base for young designers. We wanted to connect more than just design. We wanted to connect extraordinary people and I think this fair-trade is a good way to do it.”

Can you mention some of the names, some of the better-known designers?

“We have around 45 designers, so it is hard to mention just a few names. There are a lot of good designers from fashion, such as ‘e:be’ or Hana Zárubová and Štěpán Malovec from ‘no.’. There is Klára Šípková, a jewellery designer who is really perfect I think.”

Is it a coincidence that DesignSupermarket takes place just two weeks before Christmas? Is it supposed to be an alternative to commercial shopping?

“Yes, exactly, we think that it is a really nice alternative to the Christmas chaos. It was the second reason that the time was perfect for our endeavour.”

What is on offer in your supermarket?

“We offer the best design in the Czech Republic – fashion design, porcelain, glass design and jewellery – everything together under one roof. We have three floors. On the first floor we offer designer products; there are twenty five designers and their studios. On the second floor there is a fashion store and on the third floor there is a book shop and a small design shop and a chill-out.”

Is it affordable for common people as well?

“We offer design articles in small series, so sometimes the things are more expensive than things in a supermarket, but each of the things is really special and rare.”

DesignSupermarket will be open until Sunday night. You can find more information at