Czech court rejects Russian man's complaint against extradition

A Czech district court turned down yesterday a legal complaint by Russian businessman Aleksey Torubarov, claiming two million crowns in compensation for what he charged was unlawful extradition to Russia. According to the court verdict, which has not yet taken effect, Torubarov failed to submit substantiated pieces of evidence to prove that he suffered other than proprietary harm by the extradition. Torubarov's wife Svetlana originally claimed another two million crowns in compensation, but she withdrew her complaint. Russian authorities accused Torubarov of business fraud in 2009 and Interpol launched a search for him a year later. The Czech police detained him on the Czech-Austrian border when he was going to spend holidays in Italy. Torubarov applied for asylum in the Czech Republic, but he was taken into custody on the basis of an international warrant for his arrest. Former justice minister Pavel Blazek decided on Torubarov's extradition in May 2013.

Author: Jan Velinger