Czech Balfolk gets a new album


Balfolk has its origins in 1970s France and revolves around dancing to folk music rhythms from all over Europe. The music is also influenced by several other genres including jazz, tango, rock or even hip-hop. The aim of Balfok is to create a feeling of belonging. In the Czech Republic Balfolk started appearing around a decade ago. Since then, a local dancing community, dedicated to the genre, has been established in the country. In this week's Sunday Music Show we present the new Czech Balfolk album "Karantóny".

Balfolk originally spread into various European countries from France. It also gained popularity in Canada, the United States, Australia and Turkey.

In the Czech Republic, probably the largest Balfolk community is in Prague, where there are 200 members who meet on a weekly basis to take part in dancing workshop.

Towards the end of 2021, the group called “” released a new album called “Karantóny” which is a compilation of contemporary Czech Balfolk compositions created during the coronavirus pandemic. The album is carries the subtitle: “Infect yourself with Czech Balfolk“.

Author: Anaïs Raimbault
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