Cunek to decide on return to government in week’s time

Former deputy prime minister and current leader of the Christian Democrats, Jiri Cunek, is expected to make an announcement on whether he will attempt to regain his government posts in one week’s time. Senior Christian Democrat Michaela Sojdrova told journalists that Mr Cunek would discuss his next move with the party leadership on December 4.

Mr Cunek resigned from the posts of deputy prime minister and minister for regional development when an investigation into whether he had accepted a half-a-million crown bribe back in 2002 was reopened. This investigation has subsequently been dropped. In the days leading up to Mr Cunek’s resignation, Czech Television broadcast a report alleging that Mr Cunek claimed benefits while having millions of crowns deposited in different accounts. He is currently under police investigation in connection to this case. Mr Cunek has yet to remark upon whether he plans to return to the government, but his party are split over whether he should or not.

Author: Rosie Johnston