Covid vaccine register opens to people over 40

Over 100,000 people over the age of 40 have registered for a Covid vaccine since the central registration system opened to them at midnight Sunday. There are approximately 923,000 people in that age bracket living in the Czech Republic, although 59,000 of them have already been inoculated since they belong to one of the groups at risk who were given priority.

Health Minister Petr Arenberger said the register was opening to new groups faster than expected since interest in getting vaccinated was lower among middle-aged and younger people.

According to Health Ministry data 86 percent of people over 80 registered to get the jab, 85 percent in the 70 to 79 age bracket and 73 percent in the 65 to 69 age bracket. In the 60 to 64 age bracket it was only 64 percent. The central register should be open to anyone interested as of June 1st.