Court postpones ruling on the abolition of the extreme-right Workers’ Party

The Supreme Administrative Court has postponed indefinitely a ruling on the abolition of the extreme-right Workers’ Party. Judge Vojtěch Šimíček said on Thursday that the case was adjourned and a verdict might be passed in February. The announcement came after four days of hearings in the course of which party leader Tomáš Vandas openly admitted the party’s connections to the right-wing National Democratic Party of Germany. The case for the dissolution of the Workers’ Party, was filed by the Czech Interior Ministry which claims that the party’s activities and statutes are in violation of Czech law.

The government’s prosecuting attorney Tomáš Sokol showed the court snapshots of extremist gatherings where members of the Workers’ Party are seen doing the Nazi salute or are seen in the company of leading German neo-Nazis. He said the party had become increasingly violent and that its main aim was to spread racist and xenophobic views in the Czech Republic. Party leader Tomáš Vandas described the court hearings as a political process.