Court acquits member of Russian skinhead band of neo-Nazi propagation charges

A Prague court has acquitted Russian national Denis Gerasimov, the singer of a neo-Nazi rock group, Kolovrat, of propagating neo-Nazism in the Czech Republic. Mr Gerasimov was remanded in custody in January after officials found neo-Nazi propaganda in his suitcase as he prepared to depart from Prague's Ruzyne airport.

Mr Gerasimov's rock band, accused of promoting racism, had performed at the weekend at a skinhead concert in east Bohemia.

But, on Tuesday Judge Katerina Kohoutkova said the court had not found Mr Gerasimov guilty on any of three counts, including the singing of racist lyrics during live performances.

The prosecution has already appealed Tuesday's decision; Denis Gerasimov will remain in custody for the time being.

Author: Jan Velinger