Corporate catering businesses on rise in Czech Republic

Photo: vipul141, Pixabay / CC0

Corporate catering businesses are on the rise in the Czech Republic, with more and more fast food chains and food retailers delivering their products directly to companies, the news site e15 reports. In-office catering is mainly intended for business meetings or trainings but it is also used as one of the benefits for employees. According to e15, Czech companies and institutions spend billions of crowns annually on corporate catering.

Photo: vipul141,  Pixabay / CC0
Among the companies that have just launched in-office catering is, the Czech Republic’s largest online grocer:

“We regularly receive offers to cater for businesses. That’s why we decided to launch a B2B service,” Rohlik’s marketing head Rostislav Brzobohatý told the daily. Among the products delivered to corporate customers are fruits, bakery products and stationery.

The Czech fast-food chain Bageterie Boulevard, known for their filled baguettes, has been catering to companies and institutions for three years. In the first quarter of 2019, the sandwich company Crocodille recorded a 40 percent growth of their catering services, which is the fastest growth in the company’s history:

“The market is driven by a trend of corporate breakfasts, brunches and free refreshments offered as one of the perks for employees. At the moment we are catering mainly for meetings and conferences. In the future we would like to develop smart catering for corporate breakfasts,” Levon Ter-Ghazarayan, marketing manager of Crocodille Czech Republic, told e15.

Another newcomer to the corporate catering business is Fruitisimo, which runs a chain of fruit bars:

“Corporate catering has been growing faster than our network, by around 40 percent annually. New company clients, who want to bring their employees a healthy catering option, have contributed to that growth,” Fruitisimo’s co-owner Jan Hummel told e15.

Traditional catering companies, such as Zátiší Catering Group, have been growing as well. In 2018, the company’s turnover increased by about one fifth year-on-year to 451 million crowns.