Constitutional Court reject Mladá fronta’s appeal against Mafra

The Constitutional Court has rejected a complaint by the publishing company Mladá fronta against their competitors Mafra, which puts out one of the most popular Czech dailies Mladá fronta Dnes. A Prague Municipal Court rejected the complaint in 2009, and the Supreme Court turned down Mladá fronta’s appeal of the decision last February. The publisher wants Mafra to stop using their trademark name for the newspaper. The predecessor of Mladá fronta published a newspaper with the same name since 1945, but in 1989 it was purchased by a different publisher and the word Dnes was added to the title. Mafra, which now owns the newspaper, also publishes the daily Lidové noviny and other publications and was recently purchased by billionaire Andrej Babiš.

Author: Masha Volynsky