Constitutional Court to give treason complaint top priority

The head of protocol at the Constitutional Court, Vlastimil Göttinger, has confirmed that a complaint of treason filed against outgoing President Václav Klaus will be given top priority. A decision by the court could be taken at the very earliest by the end of March. On Monday, the Czech Senate approved the treason complaint against Václav Klaus with 38 senators voting in favour and 30 against – the first time such a legal move has ever been taken against a Czech head-of-state. The complaint pertains to five cases in which the president is alleged to have violated the constitution, including a controversial amnesty he declared at the start of the year, the fact that he refused to sign the European stability mechanism and his procrastination in nominating judges to the Constitutional Court. The complaint on was officially filed at the court registry on Tuesday, shortly after 11 am.

Author: Jan Velinger