Constitutional Court delays ruling on Lisbon treaty to accommodate president

The Constitutional Court is to announce its verdict on whether the Lisbon treaty is in line with the Czech constitution two weeks later than originally planned, at the request of President Václav Klaus. The court had been due to deliver its ruling on November 10, but will now do so on November 25. Mr Klaus, a fierce critic of the treaty, will be abroad in mid November; he said he wanted to be in the country when the judgment is announced, so he can take part in the public debate on the matter. The Czech prime minister, Mirek Topolánek, said recently he hoped the Czech Parliament would vote on Lisbon by the end of the year.

The Czech Republic, which takes over the rotating presidency of the European Union in January, is one of the few EU states not to have ratified the reform treaty. However, the document’s whole future has been in doubt since it was rejected by voters in Ireland in June.

Author: Ian Willoughby