Cone-headed aliens stun tourists at Prague Castle

A world-renowned comedy troupe from England, The Natural Theatre Company, had a pleasant surprise in store for visitors to Prague Castle on Tuesday evening. The company's ingenious street performances thrilled crowds in Plzen last week during the International Theatre Festival, and they are now honouring Prague with a three-day visit. Pavla Navratilova has the details:

Crowds of people taking pictures, heads cocked in order to take in the stunning view of St. Vitus Cathedral, and a patrol of presidential guards marching from post to post. Just another typical day at Prague Castle, except for four tourists whose eccentric behavior makes them a spectacle all of their own. When a German tourist attempts to take a picture of the four cone-headed alien tourists, they raise their own cameras in unison and take a picture of the hapless German tourist. Taken aback, he has no time to escape before the Coneheads surround him and start praising his balding head.

The Coneheads, whose widespread popularity sprang from the American variety show Saturday Night Live, are only one in a broad range of eccentric characters that The Natural Theatre Company brings to life. I met up with the four actors who comprise the group and asked them to describe their show: And you can see The Natural Theatre Company in Prague between the 24th and the 26th of October. They appear three times a day throughout the grounds of Prague Castle. Just look for a crowd of startled tourists, and that's where they'll be!

Author: Pavla Navrátilová
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