Conduct of police in question during Babiš's visit to Český Krumlov

The conduct of the police in connection with former Prime Minister Andrej Babiš's visit to Český Krumlov on Thursday is being investigated after a video was released on the Forum 24 website in which two plainclothes policemen were shown taking a woman away to an unmarked car, following a physical attack by the woman on one of the officers. The procedure and tactics of the police officers will be checked by the police's internal control office to dispel any doubts, the police announced on Twitter.

Mr Babiš is currently travelling around Czechia in a camper van to visit voters, but denies that it is a presidential election campaign, saying that he is acting as the chairman of the ANO party in connection with the senate and municipal elections. According to media reports, Babiš faced loud protests from his opponents in Český Krumlov and nearby Frymburk on Thursday, as well as on Tuesday in Třebon. Mr Babiš previously stated at the end of June that he will most likely announce his decision on November 4 regarding whether or not he will stand as a presidential candidate.

Author: Anna Fodor