Compilation of Czech rock great Mišík reissued

Vladimír Mišík

Špejchar 1969–1991 I–II is the title of a compilation by the great Czech singer and guitar player Vladimír Mišík.

The double album, which has now been rereleased by the label Supraphon, contains many of the popular artist’s best-loved songs released over 22 years in the first half of his career. The now 76-year-old rocker recorded with several groups, including Flamengo, Blue Effect and Vladimír Mišík and Etc.

The title track of the album Kuře v hodinkách by Mišík’s group Flamengo. The jazz inflected record is regarded as one of the greatest in the history of Czech rock.

Slunečný hrob was recorded by Vladimír Mišík with the band Blue Effect. The much loved song was used to great effect in the hit movie Cosy Dens, which is set in the 1960s.