Companies, schools and services preparing to meet new restrictions

Companies, schools and services are preparing to meet the tight new restrictions due to come in force on Monday.

The government has ordered companies to start testing all emplyees who are not vaccinated against Covid at least once a week. In the event. Blanket testing in schools will also continue every Monday.

People not vaccinated against Covid will no longer be admitted to restaurants, hairdressers and beauty salons, gyms, cinemas, theatres or sporting events. They will not be able to consume food at fast-food outlets in shopping malls or outdoor stands at open air markets. Antigen or PCR tests will no longer serve as a Covid pass to any facilities, including attendence at weddings or funerals.

Restaurants will only be able to seat 6 people at a table, with tables placed 1.5 metres apart.

The government also approved nursing money for parents who have to look after children in quarantine as well as a bonus for every day infected individuals spend in quarantine.

Companies and institutions have been asked to introduce home office wherever possible.

The proposal that vaccinated individuals over 60, who are also considered high-risk, should also be tested once a week at the workplace was not approved.