Communist-era dissidents’ trail opens at Czech-Polish border

The Czech town of Malá Úpa is opening a new tourist trail, called Freedom at the Border, to remind people of a landmark undercover meeting of Czech and Polish dissidents forty years ago at the summit of mount Sněžka.

The first meeting in 1978 was attended by Václav Havel, Marta Kubišová and Tomáš Petřivý, who initiated the meeting. From the Polish side, there was Adam Michnik, Jacek Kuroń, Jan Majewski, Jan Lityński and Antoni Macierewicz.

To mark the opening of the educational trail, a concert, theatre performance and debates will be held on Saturday near the Czech-Polish border. The meeting aims to serve as a reminder that freedom is not to be taken for granted.

Author: Brian Kenety