Clairvoyant behind security operation at Prague's Ruzyne Airport

Photo: CTK

Prague's Ruzyne Airport was put on a high terrorism alert on Wednesday evening after the police received a warning from an unidentified psychic about an alleged terrorist attack. The woman claimed to have had a vision of shooting and bloodshed at Ruzyne although she had no idea when the attack would take place.

Photo: CTK
It was a standard, busy day at Prague's Ruzyne Airport until the police received the clairvoyant's call at 3pm on Wednesday. By four o'clock the number of armed police officers patrolling the airport had tripled, there were armored cars patrolling the site, an armored personnel carrier parked outside its main entrance and bomb disposal experts on standby. Despite numerous hoax bomb threats in recent weeks, the police were clearly taking the matter very seriously. On Thursday morning the security measures were still in force and we called police presidium spokesman Pavel Hantak to find out how the situation is developing:

"According to the information we have there is no direct threat of a terrorist attack. We are in the process of evaluating information and the security measures taken are strictly preventive. I should add that we are obliged to respond to any information we get which could present a security risk because the safety of the public is our first consideration. So the standard procedure is to effect security measures first and then investigate what the suspicion is based on, how relevant or realistic the given claim is."

Although the police have confirmed they are acting on information received from a clairvoyant they would not say whether they have worked with her before. No decision has yet been made on how long the heightened security measures will remain in place, but they are unlikely to cause any disruption in flights and services.