Civic Democrats’ Pospíšil on election debacle

In related news, Jiří Pospíšil, a deputy chairman of the Civic Democratic Party and former justice minister, has told news site iDnes that former president Václav Klaus’s support for the right-wing bloc Heads Up (or Chin Up) – which suffered defeat on Saturday - spelled his political end. The former minister also expressed disappointment that the former president had turned against the party he once led, referring to his actions as “mudslinging”.

Regarding his own party’s dismal 7.7 percent result, Mr Pospíšil called it a “debacle” and said the Civic Democrats had been given a last chance to turn things around. He stressed that a new leadership would need to be elected and that the party – in opposition – needed to focus on quality politics. Mr Pospíšil is one of 16 Civic Democrat MPs elected on Saturday; previously the party had 53.

Author: Jan Velinger