Civic Democrats emerge as biggest winners of Senate elections

VVoting has ended in the second round of elections to a third of seats in the Senate. Voter turnout in the second round was considerable lower than in the first, with an estimated 16 percent of eligible voters taking part in the runoffs.

The Civic Democrats have emerged as the biggest winners. Ten of the party’s 11 candidates secured a seat, bringing the party total in the 81-member Senate to 16.

The party of Mayors and Independents, or STAN, won seven seats, increasing their overall number of senators to 17 and forming the largest senators’ group in the upper chamber.

The Social Democrats and the ruling ANO party are seen as the biggest losers in the senatorial elections. The Social Democrats, who were defending 13 seats in the upper chamber, managed to win just one. ANO has also secured only one seat, bringing the party total to seven.

The Communists failed to elect a representative in a Senate race for the first time since the upper chamber of Parliament was formed. Their only finalist, Milada Halíková lost with the Social Democrat candidate Petr Vícha in the region of Karviná.

Author: Ruth Fraňková