Civ Dems say prerequisite for new deal is return of Svoboda as mayor

A condition for the Prague Civic Democrats entering into a new right-wing coalition with TOP 09 at Prague City Hall will be for Bohuslav Svoboda to return as the city's mayor; Mr Svoboda made the announcement himself after a meeting of regional representatives on Saturday evening. Svoboda was mayor for two-and-a-half years but was unseated last week in an assembly vote, after TOP 09 withdrew from their coalition with the Civic Democrats, citing concerns over the management of key areas including transportation and finance. TOP 09 are pursuing talks on a possible new agreement not only with the opposition Social Democrats but also with their former partners. TOP 09 has floated the idea that Mr Svoboda could return as deputy mayor in charge of the health sector, but rejected outright the idea of he could return as mayor.

Author: Jan Velinger