Citizens of Prague give their opinion on leaving polling station

Photo: CTK

So the polls have closed on the second and final day of the general elections here in the Czech Republic. The official results are slowly coming in/the first official results are expected soon, but it will be some time before the outcome is known. In the meantime Radio Prague went to a polling station here in Prague 2, just one of thousands around the Czech Republic, and asked people on their way out how they had voted.

Photo: CTK
Excuse me, may I ask you, who did you vote for?

"Well, of course, I voted for the Social Democrats because I think they have a good view of what our future should be and I really support that view, I really support their perspective. And of course, I am opposed to the objectives that some of the other parties have, like for example the Civic Democrats of Mr Klaus who are terrible opportunists. I cannot accept that and that's why I voted for their major opponents."

Did you vote for the Social Democrats in the last election as well?

"Yes, I did. I am very much happy with their performance since and that's why I voted for them again."

"Well, I voted for the Coalition because I just don't like the way the two major parties, the Social Democrats and the ODS (Civic Democrats) deal with voters. They are just so arrogant in their attitude."

"I voted for the ODS, the Civic Democratic Party. The reason is that my boyfriend and his father are both members of the ODS so it's a kind of family pressure, so I vote ODS as well. Plus, I have no problem with the ODS, I'm doing fine in my life and I think what they champion, that means the liberal attitude towards the free market and entrepreneurship etc. is fine with me."

"Well, in the end I voted for the Coalition of the Freedom Union and the Christian Democrats."

And who did you vote for in the last election?

"The same Coalition - actually at that time it was not a coalition it was the Freedom Union."

"Green. I read all the manifestoes and I think that the Social and Civic Democrats are not good for this country because they are not innovative."

"I voted for the Coalition. Well, there were several reasons but I think the most important one is that it is probably the only reliable or the least unreliable party in this country."

"Nobody. I wanted to but there is such a confusion among the parties so I decided not to vote."