Chamber set to vote on Lisbon treaty on Tuesday evening

The Chamber of Deputies is expected to vote on ratifying the European Union’s Lisbon treaty on Tuesday evening. The Czech News Agency reported that most of the parties in the lower house were in favour of holding a vote, after a debate on the matter was postponed twice, once in December and once two weeks ago. It is expected some euro-sceptic MPs from the ruling Civic Democrats will not vote in favour, along with the Communists, who are pushing for a referendum. The Senate is due to vote on Lisbon ratification in April.

Even if both houses of Parliament back the ratification of the Lisbon treaty, the Czech president, Václav Klaus, has indicated he will not sign the document unless it is approved by Ireland; Irish voters rejected Lisbon in a referendum last June and are due to vote on it again this year.

Author: Ian Willoughby