ČEZ hopes to offer more services for electric vehicle owners

In an effort to support the use of electric cars, the Czech state-owned energy producer ČEZ has announced it will offer personal charging consoles and special electricity prices for electric car owners. The company’s representatives believe that this year will be a groundbreaking year for electric vehicles. Currently, ČEZ allows customers to charge their vehicles at its 32 charging station around the country for a flat monthly fee of 150 crowns.

Government wants to rework proposal on parties finances

The government has suspended deliberations on the proposal that would introduce an independent office that would oversee political parties’ finances. Parties have been unable to agree for a longer time whether it is preferable to introduce a new body in a time of budget cuts. Interior Minister Jan Kubice has been charged with reworking the proposal in a way that would introduce stricter measures for managing parties’ finances and would allow the public to have easier access to financing information.

Author: Masha Volynsky