ČEZ boss avoids questions about jewellery purchases for Jana Nagyová

ČEZ boss Daniel Beneš did not appear at the power company’s press conference on Thursday due to illness. Company officials refused to answer media questions about his reported purchase of expensive jewellery for Jana Nagyová, the former head of ex prime minister Petr Nečas’ private office. They said it was a personal matter. The daily Mladá Fronta Dnes reported Wednesday that Beneš bought Christmas and birthday gifts for Nagyová, now Nečas’ wife. The ČEZ boss said that the sums involved were from his own funds and had been exaggerated by the media. The former Civic Democrat leader fell from power last year after it was revealed that Nagyová had used to state surveillance machinery to spy on the prime minister’s wife at the time.

Author: Chris Johnstone