Český Krumlov to impose charge on buses to curb tourist flying visits

Český Krumlov, which draws over a million tourists from around the world every year, is to impose charges on buses entering the South Bohemian town in a bid to regulate short-term visitors and raise revenues, Czech Television reported. The scheme, the first of its kind in the Czech Republic, will begin in June. The local authorities say 16,000 coaches arrive in Český Krumlov every year, with figures reaching up to 100 a day in summer.

A deputy mayor told Czech Television that the number of buses stopping off in the small UNESCO-listed town represented an enormous strain.

A representative of Český Krumlov’s tour guides association said groups of Asian tourists sped through the town taking photos before soon departing for other destinations.

Each coach entering the tourist hotspot will have to pay CZK 1,250 with advance booking or CZK 1,500 without.

Author: Ian Willoughby