Černošice council’s decision on Babiš invalidated

The regional council of Central Bohemia has upheld a complaint from Prime Minister Andrej Babis regarding the conclusion of the Černošice council according to which he has a conflict of interest.

The Černošice council debated the issue on the grounds of a complaint filed by Transparency International Czech Republic.

It concluded that Babis still controls the giant multi-industry group Agrofert, even though he put the conglomerate into trust funds to meet a strict new conflict of interest law and meted out a 200,000 crown fine. The regional council of Central Bohemia invalidated the decision and the case will now go back to the Černošice council.

The Czech branch of Transparency International filed a complaint with the Černošice council - a small municipality just outside Prague where Babiš lives - because Czech law states that conflict of interest complaints must be registered with the relevant local authority.