Černochová calls on Babiš not to refer to soldiers in campaign

The Czech minister of defence, Jana Černochová, has called on presidential candidate Andrej Babiš not to refer to soldiers in his electoral campaign.

Mr. Babiš states on billboards that he will not lead Czechia into war and is “a diplomat, not a soldier”; the latter is a reference to the former career of his opponent in next week’s runoff, Petr Pavel. The ANO boss also says he would organise a Ukraine peace conference if elected.

Ms. Černochová said that soldiers were not bloodthirsty warmongers but professionals who deserved respect.

The minister said that when she and Mr. Babiš had been present at the return of soldiers’ remains at Prague’s military airport both had been in tears. She said he knew then they had died for the country and that they didn’t deserve insults now.

Author: Ian Willoughby