Central Military Hospital reports slight improvement in president’s health

President Miloš Zeman's health has improved slightly over the past two days, the Central Military Hospital reported on its website on Friday evening. The hospital issued the report with the president‘s permission. President Zeman has been getting treatment in the hospital’s intensive care unit since October 10, for an undisclosed chronic condition.

Earlier this week the Senate initiated a motion to Activate Article 66 which would transfer the president’s duties to other high state officials due to ill health. The Senate chair Milos Vystrčil cited a letter from the president’s chief physician who said the head of state was currently unable to perform his duties and the long-term prospects were uncertain. The two houses of Parliament, which would have to vote on the matter have said they will request another medical report from the hospital in early November before taking action.

Ex-president Vaclav Klaus visited Mr. Zeman in hospital on Friday, telling Czech Radio that the head of state was understandably tired, but that there was no question that he was capable of rational debate.