Carmelite Order closes church doors to presidential candidate Andrej Babiš

The Carmelite Order has announced its decision to close the doors of the Prague Church of Our Lady Victorious to presidential candidate Andrej Babiš because they do not want to be associated with his aggressive election campaign. Mr. Babiš announced his intention to visit the church, which is home to the Infant Jesus of Prague, on Tuesday in what is viewed as an attempt to win over believers.  The Carmelite Order promptly issued a statement saying that they do not want the world-famous pilgrimage site and the Infant Jesus of Prague to be misused for political ends. "Given the timing and media presentation of the visit, we consider it to be part Mr. Babiš’ election campaign which is being conducted in a very aggressive and fear-inducing manner which the Carmelite Order cannot identify with," the statement said.