Car maker Škoda Auto launches an e-scooter service in Prague

Photo: Škoda Auto DigiLab

Following in the footsteps of Limebike electric scooters, Homeport Freebikes, and shared Rekola bikes, the Škoda Auto car manufacturer is launching its own service of shared electric scooters in Prague The company is placing 50 electric scooters imported from Spain in the broad city centre and would like to see their number triple in the near future.

Photo: Škoda Auto DigiLab
The Prague city centre has become crowded with shared bicycles and e-scooters and there are more to come. Car maker Škoda Auto has jumped on the bandwagon and is launching its own service of shared e-scooters. Škoda imported its fleet from Spain and will operate them under the BeRider brand.

Fifty lime-green, emission-free scooters with a range of up to 70 kilometres on a single charge and a maximum speed of 66 km per hour will be parked around the city centre. The scooters have two lithium-ion batteries that will be regularly recharged by the service’s operators.

“When a scooter is low on energy, it will not show up in the lending application,”Škoda spokesman Martin Ježek told Czech Radio, saying that the aim was to make the system as trouble-free and user-friendly as possible.

The scooter has a USB connector, a special holder for navigation and two helmets locked in a storage compartment. Riders can find the e-scooters bikes at stations around the city, using the BeRider mobile app, pay to unlock and ride them on a per-minute basis (one minute costs five crowns).

“We want to accommodate all those interested in easy mobility and alleviate the city centre from car traffic. People who park their car on the outskirts of the city, should get the chance to move quickly and with ease through the city centre.” Ježek told Czech Radio.

In addition to electric scooters, the Škoda car maker also supports car sharing services, operating the student service Uniqway and HoppyGo (together with Leo Express).

In Prague, cars involved in car sharing can park for free in the blue parking zones reserved for residents.