Candles to be lit at site of original Lidice on night before anniversary

On the night between June 9 and 10 candles are to be lit near the Lidice Memorial around the precise area where the original village of Lidice stood, officials from the institution told The candles will help create a sombre atmosphere before more events commemorating the anniversary of June 10, 1942, when the Nazis razed the small Central Bohemian village to the ground and killed over 300 of its inhabitants in one of the worst atrocities in modern Czech history.

Similar events are planned for June 24 at the site of Ležáky, a second village wiped off the map by the Nazis. Whereas the people of Lidice were killed in retaliation for the assassination of Nazi governor Reinhard Heydrich, Ležáky was targeted due to the presence of a resistance group.

Author: Ian Willoughby