Campaign ads air on Czech TV

Public broadcaster Czech TV will begin broadcasting ads for all nine candidates in the upcoming presidential election as of Saturday. Ads will be broadcast on ČT24 and on ČT1 from January 2 until January 9. The station, under law, has divided five hours of airtime equally among the presidential hopefuls ahead of the first round, and will give an hour each to the two remaining candidates who make it to the second round. The order in which ads will be broadcast will be determined by a lottery, the broadcaster made clear on its website. Czech Radio will begin broadcasting ads on January 2 through 9 on four stations: Radiožurnál, Dvojka, Vltava, and a regional platform. Barring a delay by the Constitutional Court, Czechs will go to the polls to elect their president directly for the first time on January 11 and 12.

Author: Jan Velinger