Calm before the storm for Czech "Olympics" reporter

Photo: CTK

Covering an event as extensive as the summer Olympic Games can only be described a dream come true for a young sports journalist - though certainly no walk in the park. With dozens of venues to visit, intense heat, the crush of the crowds, as well as the excitement of the games themselves, it can all be a little overwhelming. No sweat, though for our Czech colleagues in Athens. We'll go over now to Czech Radio's Tomas Kohout as he talks to Czech TV reporter Lukas Pribyl ahead of the games. They enjoy the calm before the storm, relaxing by the pool.

Olympic press centre for 800 journalists,  photo: CTK
It's almost 12 o'clock and we're sitting by a pool near the media village. I take it you're enjoying the Olympic Games so far?

"Yeah, yeah. This is perhaps my last moment of free time before the games get underway - I'm getting ready to cover the opening ceremonies and then - competition!"

These are the first Olympics that you've ever covered?

"Um, yes. Before that I was at the Euro 2004 Championship in Portugal, but these are my first Olympics. I hope the games will be safe and will see a lot of good atmosphere."

Which sports will you be covering?

"Basketball - my favourite sport. Czech basketball players are here and hope that they win!"

You are quite tall yourself - practically two metres - so I guess your interviews will truly be "eye-to-eye"?

"Yeah, yeah, eyes-to-eyes. I'd also like to interview other sportsmen and women - athletes - I hope it will be good."

Do you foresee any problems happening?

"No, no, no - not here. The people in Greece are very friendly. I think everything will be as it should be!"

Splash! (Czech TV reporter Lukas Pribyl dives into the water, his way of saying goodbye as he gets set for the exciting summer games).