Olympics fever has gripped the Czech Republic hard. The fact that the 2002 Winter Olympics are taking place in Salt Lake City means that the millions of people watching the games live in this part of the world will be up all night, most nights. Pubs and restaurants across the country are bracing for big business and non-stop working hours. Watching the games with friends at the pub is something that people have been looking forward to for weeks. "We get hundreds of calls a day from people wanting to reserve a table on certain nights" one pub owner said. Many have just given up, saying that during the Olympics it will be "first come first served". Beer and alcohol sales are expected to go through the roof -no matter whether the Czechs win or lose. Champagne to celebrate victory and Pilsner or Budvar to drown one's sorrows. Jagr's bar on Wenceslas Square is allegedly preparing a big treat for fans if the Czech hockey team makes it to the finals - but everything is being kept under wraps. Thousands of other Czech hockey fans will be watching the games on a giant screen on the Old Town Square. More police officers will be out at nights to maintain law and order and the extra garbage scattered around should disappear by early morning but the noise is something that the city's inhabitants will have to live with for the next two weeks. Even schools are bracing for what they call Olympics syndrome. Some headmasters plan to scrap early morning classes . No point in dragging the kids in when they are half asleep, they point out. No doubt many teachers will be half asleep as well. As for those people who couldn't care less about sports - and this allegedly pertains to a segment of the female population - psychologists advise TOLERANCE. So your husband may not come home from the pub for the next fortnight - so grab his credit card and treat yourself to something nice. The shops will still be open all day and you deserve that adrenaline rush as much as he does. That way you'll both have something to remember the Salt Lake Winter Olympics by - and you'll both look forward to the next.