Bures may work with Supreme Court - council

The Council of Judges of the Supreme Court has approved the Justice Ministry's request that Jaroslav Bures become a judge of the Supreme Court. Mr Bures is scheduled to be appointed judge by President Vaclav Klaus on Tuesday and so fulfil all legal conditions to be appointed chairman of the Supreme Court. The post has been vacant since Iva Brozova was dismissed by President Klaus last week. Mr Bures has been cited as a successor to Ms Brozova, but neither the president nor the Justice Ministry have confirmed it. Mr Klaus said at the beginning of the week that the new Supreme Court chairman would arise from the 30 judges whom he would appoint on February 14.

Meanwhile, the Czech Republic's Constitutional Court has decided that Iva Brozova will remain acting chairwoman of the Supreme Court, until the Constitutional Court rules on her complaint against her dismissal.