British Czech and Slovak Association Competition

And now some news about a writing competition that listeners here in the Czech Republic or in Britain might be interested in taking part in. But you'll have to be quick, because the deadline is in just ten days. It has been organised by the British Czech and Slovak Association, based in London, which tries to foster understanding between the British and the Czech and Slovak nations. Barbara Day from the Prague Society for International Cooperation told David Vaughan about the competition.

Barbara Day:"Originally the competition was going to be open only to young people, to students, and then after a lot of discussion it was decided that it would be open to people of any age, and it wouldn't be limited also to purely factual essays, but it could be fiction and the association would particularly welcome short stories. So that gives the opportunity for some imagination to reign."

And we haven't yet reached the deadline for sending in essays, so have there been plenty of short stories, essays, pieces of imaginative writing sent in so far?

BD:"They've been coming in. It was slow at first, then gradually it stepped up, but we feel that maybe not enough people know yet about the competition, so entries will still be welcomed right up to the end of June."

Presumably, even our listeners could enter the competition.

BD:"Of course, yes. We would be delighted - anyone who is inspired to write and essay or a story on the relationship between Britain and the Czech and/or Slovak Republics. Then we very much look forward to hearing what your listeners have to say."

And are there any conditions about length or format?

BD:"As for format, we would like them typed, double spaced, the length, between 1500 and 2000 words, which by my calculation is about six pages or so, and they should be sent by post to:

The BCSA Prize Administrator

24 Ferndale,

Tunbridge Wells,



They can also be sent by email: [email protected]"