Bradáčová named head of State Prosecutor’s Office in Prague

Justice Minister Pavel Blažek has named former Ústí nad Labem state attorney Lenka Bradáčová to head the State Prosecutor’s Office in Prague. In doing so, he complied with an earlier recommendation by the Supreme State Attorney Pavel Zeman. At a press conference on Monday, the justice minister indicated that meetings with Ms Bradáčová, a highly-respected anti-corruption crusader, discussing the future of the office had played a role, as had the fact there were no serious contenders.

Mr Blažek’s predecessor, Jiří Pospíšil, was recalled from his post last month by the prime minister which led to marked speculation in the media he was removed before he could name her himself. Mr Pospíšil was officially sacked for managerial failures, including requests for budget increases at a time when government members had to respect austerity measures.

Author: Jan Velinger